Few things are better than that first sip of coffee in the morning. And with your dog snuggled by your side, you have the perfect start to your day.


Our passion for great coffee and our love of dogs led to Fetch Coffee Roasters. We want to help make your world a little happier with a great cup of coffee. We are also highly committed to the ongoing need dogs have around the globe to be cared for and treated with love and compassion. That’s why $1 of every bag we sell goes directly to carefully selected dog shelters and other organizations dedicated to helping dogs in need. Read about the organizations you help benefit with your purchase of Fetch coffee, and why we chose them here.

But we didn’t want to stop there so we offer coffee that is ethically sourced as well. Our green, un-roasted coffee is sourced from companies that not only provide the highest quality beans but also ensure that the farmers receive a fair price for their hard work. You can read more about the origins of our beans on our coffee pages.

Now, let’s be honest. Very few of us - myself included - get to enjoy relaxed mornings on a regular basis. But those times when you can get them are fantastic. My typical morning includes three very excited pups jumping frantically at my feet as I prepare their breakfast in between frenzied slurps of Muddy Paws, followed by a second cup in a travel mug that I gratefully enjoy when my dogs pause once in a while on their morning (and fantasy squirrel-chasing) walk.

Regardless, my morning still requires great coffee with my four-legged companions. We hope yours does, too.

-Sarah, Founder of Fetch Coffee Roasters


Ethically sourced. ethically sold.
Always delicious.


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