Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon

What They Do:

For more than 20 years, Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon has been dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs aged 6 and above. As an all-volunteer organization, they rely solely on the generous donations of their supporters to fund their mission. Their goal is to provide senior dogs with the chance to live out their golden years in loving homes, where they can enjoy a happy and comfortable life.

A Success Story

One of our best stories of 2022 is Clifford. Clifford, The Big Red Dog, was a street dog scavenging for food in the Cayman Islands before he was rescued by a local shelter. He spent 2.5 years there, but despite becoming a popular attraction for tourists who came to walk the dogs, Clifford’s health continued to deteriorate. Eventually, a visitor who had grown particularly fond of Clifford noticed that he was losing wight and not doing well. It was clear that Clifford needed more help than the island could provide, so he was transferred to the care of SDRO.

Unfortunately, Clifford’s health issues persisted after arriving in Oregon. He had trouble walking, experienced seizures, and cried out in pain. After months of testing, if was discovered Clifford had a liver condition that made it impossible for him to digest protein. Thanks to the support of SDRO, Clifford received the medical attention he needed and was put on a special diet and medication to manage his condition.

One he was on the road to recovery; it was time for Clifford to be socialize and find his forever home. Although friendly, he was still wary of most people and had some unusual behaviors. Fortunately, John and Jenny, foster for SDRO, took Clifford in and began working with him. Despite the expense of his medications, they formed a strong bond with Clifford, and he quickly learned to enjoy walks in the forest and playing with their dog Maddie.

After a year of fostering, John and Jenny knew that Clifford had found his forever home with them. He may still be a bit of a rascal, but he’s a much better behaved one now! We are grateful to our donors, who made it possible for SDRO to provide Clifford with the care, training, and attention he needed to thrive.

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