Family Dogs New Life

For the dogs who have no other options


A shelter doesn't feel like a shelter

Founded in 2004 on the belief that that all dogs deserve a second chance at a new life, they were trailblazers as the only shelter at that time in the Portland area to house their dogs in a communal environment, allowing the dogs to socialize and play to make their environment lass stressful. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being perfect for one another. 

What They Do
Family Dogs New Life exists for for the dogs who have no other options. This includes dogs that other shelters do not have space for, long term residents who have run out of time or dogs that are struggling in the conventional shelter environment.

Their mission
To help reduce the number of dogs being euthanized. Their focus is taking in needy dogs from animal control agencies and humane societies located within the state of Oregon but they don’t limit their help to this. They also work with many shelters and smaller rescue groups across the country, as well as a limited number of owner-surrendered pets.

What Makes Them Unique
Family Dogs New Life Shelter does not house their dogs in kennels or dog runs, but in play groups of anywhere from 8-15 dogs living loose together. They typically have 35-50 dogs in their shelter at all times. Because of their group housing all of their dogs are able to play and interact all day long, just like a doggy daycare or at a dog park.

Why This Helps the Dogs
This living environment alleviates stress that often accompanies the conventional kennel housing. It also allows the shelter staff and volunteers to monitor each dog’s behavior and better determine their true personalities. It is also excellent socialization for the dogs. At night time all dogs are trained to sleep in their own crate, which when continued by the adopter, makes for a wonderful transition.

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