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helping special needs dogs

Helping special needs dogs find 'furever' homes

SALEM DOGS has helped over 500 special needs dogs - and counting. 

This rescue group is awesome: They provide homeless dogs, who would otherwise have no options, with new opportunities for love and life. Their care consists of the critical needs of removing the dog from harm's way, and fostering, medical care, and finding loving homes. Salem Dogs’ will help all dogs but focuses on helping special needs dogs. They become "special" when their owners experience circumstances that prevent further care. These can include owner death, the need for hospice, and nursing/assisted living situations. These changes trigger the need for a new home for the dog. It is not often that another family member can take in the dog. In addition, some people find themselves unable to afford medical bills and opt to have their dog euthanized. In those cases, Salem Dogs is often contacted and has either taken in the dog or helped the owner financially. 

At least half of the approximately 80 dogs taken in every year come from the local shelters which do not have the resources to deal with many of the medical and behavioral needs of these dogs. Special needs dogs can be the most expensive to care for and rehabilitate. Dentals, surgeries, skin diseases, neglected infections, broken bones, starving, heart worm, and bodies covered in mats, stickers, burrs, and feces are just some of the things Salem Dogs comes across in their work. Once they have been given the medical (and other) care they need, Salem Dogs finds their "heroes": wonderful people who step up and add a special needs dog to their family. While most of their work is in the Salem, Oregon area, this charity has helped dogs in multiple areas around North America. 

Salem Dogs is also known for financially assisting other rescue organizations to fulfill their mission.  This includes Salem Hospital’s FETCH rescue for patients with stranded pets. (Great name, right?) as well as Senior Dogs of Oregon, Operation D.O.G., and Project Pooch to name a few. They also help with information about breed selection, training, nutrition, and grooming care. All of the friends associated with Salem Dogs are volunteers, including the Executive Director. Social media has been a godsend to the rescue world. Salem Dogs keeps in contact with sister rescue groups, vets, groomers, shelters, and current and former adopters to encourage best practices.

Now through January 2021, your coffee purchase will help to benefit Salem dogs and make even more happy ending stories possible!

Their Facebook page is filled with stories of their heartwarming work. Please check it out.

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