The Pongo Fund

Doing the work like it’s never been done before.

The Pongo Fund is Oregon’s only full-time charity focused on fighting animal hunger. Because hungry people have hungry pets. They work tirelessly to reduce shelter populations and keep families together by providing emergency pet food assistance to anyone in honest need. They help protect beloved family pets from the suffering, starvation, surrender, abandonment or worse, when a lack of food, but not a lack of love, is their only enemy.

The Pongo Fund has provided an array of lifesaving services for 175,000 hungry and hurting animals, keeping each one of those animals safe at home and out of the shelters.

Some of the work they do:


They provide high-quality pet food throughout Oregon, Washington, and beyond. More than 21 million meals to date.


They provide lifesaving care including exams, medications, bloodwork, xrays, dentals, surgeries, spay/neuter, and more.


Their Veterans Program provides food and veterinary services for animals who deliver the kind of support that words can never fully explain.


Their Meals-On-Wheels Team is there for seniors when they need us most.


Their Emergency Kibble Response Team reaches those in urgent need.


They provide a full range of food and veterinary services, while maintaining privacy and safety.


we all can use a little extra help

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