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Scritches Single Serve Bag

Scritches Single Serve Bag

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Enjoy your Fetch Coffee anywhere! All you need is this convenient single-serving steepable bag and some hot water. Scritches is an organically grown ingle origin medium roast. This coffee makes a nicely balanced cup with notes of cherry, almond, and milk chocolate. Smooth and easy to drink!

The fully compostable packaging is nitrogen triple-flushed to ensure your coffee will stay fresh for up to 12 months too, so you can enjoy fresh coffee any time - and any where - you are ready for this yummy pick-me up.

More about this coffee: 
Organically Grown, Rainforest Alliance certified
Origin: Colombia
Roast: Medium
Body: Medium
Acidity: Medium
Growing Altitude: 1670-1950 meters ASL

Process: Washed

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