Squirrel!! Dog Toy
squirrel plush toy made by Cycle Dog. Brown fur no squeak inside very floppy. It has large cartoon eyes stiched on that are flat across the top to look slightly annoyed, and a tail. that is shorter than the springy tail but long anough to have some spring or give.

Squirrel!! Dog Toy

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Why should humans have all the fun at Fetch? This squirrel dog toy is floppy and great for dogs who love to shake their toys. Choose from the sitting Squirrel or a springy tail squirrel! Made with recycled materials from Cycle Dog.

Plush and durable! No stuffing or squeakers for safer play.

  • Made in USA – handcrafted in Portland, OR
  • Made with Post-Consumer Recycled Materials
  • Duraplush Outer Material – 2-ply bonded laminate. Soft yet strong!
  • Stitchguard – double stitched hidden seams.
  • Stuffing Free – ideal for super shredders.

Guaranteed Fun, Safe, Tough.

Sitting Squirrel Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 1inches

Springy Squirrel Dimensions: 5 x 1 x 24-32 inches